Is There Such a Thing as Fish Oil Overdose?

Published: 21st December 2009
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Honestly, fish oil overdose is a very rare case. Though there are few side effects related to a high dosage of fish oil, it is still not a serious case. Taking too much can be serious and it may lead to internal bleeding. However, this will only happen if you consume too much on a regular basis.

In most fish oil supplements, the recommended daily dosage is around two capsules. If the dosage exceeds more than three grams a day, it is more likely that you will suffer from an overdose and you will become more at risk to a hemorrhagic stroke. In addition, the only way that you will suffer from an overdose is if you take supplements that are not molecularly distilled.

Generally, it is highly recommended that people should seek permission from medical experts before taking any fish oil supplements. The dosage will vary on every person. In addition, the dosage depends on the reasons why are you will be ingesting them. Since fish oil is a supplement, the product is not highly regulated. Hence, it is important that you choose only trusted and reliable manufacturers.

The side effects of an overdose vary on the amount of fish oil that was consumed. In addition, the effects will be amplified if taken with other substances such as medications, alcohol and drugs. It is highly possible that drugs will intervene with the supplement and will cause side effects. So, before taking this supplement, talk to a health care professional. With the increase of the number of fish oil supplements in the market, it is essential that you consider this. In case that you get an overdose, it is highly recommended that you seek medical attention.

In children, overdose on fish oil is not likely. This is because most of the fish oil capsules are quite large. Hence, children have a harder time to swallow the capsule. In addition, pure fish oil does not have a pleasant taste. However, for safety reasons keep the supplements away from the reach of your children. You may store the supplements in the freezer to lessen the fishy aftertaste side effects.

Since there is still no known home treatment for fish oil overdose, it is wise to treat it through supportive care. Supportive treatment involves treating the symptoms of the overdose. For example, if the overdose causes diarrhea, the treatment will involve treating the diarrhea.

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By Kelly Rinaldo

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