How Does the Body Produce Collagen Naturally?

Published: 27th March 2009
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How does the body produce collagen? Did you know that the body was able to produce it naturally at all? You may have heard of anti aging skin care products that claim to contain collagen. However, they are ineffective. Before we go on, I should explain what exactly collagen is and what its role is in your body.

Collagen is a vital skin protein that gives your skin the texture and elasticity required for youthful looking and feeling skin. When we are younger, our body produces an abundance of this protein. However, as we age our body produces less and less of this protein. This leads to the signs of aging appearing such as lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin.

Some skin care products claim that they contain collagen. However, the molecules of this protein are too large to penetrate the layers of skin. Therefore, it is essentially useless to apply it to your skin. Many people believe that you can simply apply this protein to your skin and it will interact with the existing collagen in your body and produce more. This is not true.

Some people will get collagen injections. This will temporarily improve the look of your skin but it will not be permanent because injected collagen will not interact with your existing collagen.

So, how does the body produce collagen? The body can re-produce this protein if it is stimulated to do so by specific natural substances. Yes, that is right. There are specific natural substances that will help to stimulate the re-production of collagen.

Some very effective natural skin care products contain specific natural ingredients that will boost your collagen production. One of the most effective natural ingredients is Cynergy TK. This substance is rich in functional keratin, which works closely with the natural proteins in your body to help produce more collagen. This is exactly the type of product you want to help reduce the lines and wrinkles and other signs of aging.

After reading this article, you will now understand how does the body produce collagen. You need to use anti aging skin care products that contain specific natural ingredients that will help to boost the production of this vital protein. If you would like more information on more specific natural ingredients that will stimulate the production of collagen then please visit my website today.

Tara Mathews is an advocate for using organic skin care products. Her plan is to educate people on how to find the best anti aging wrinkle creams for your skin. Visit our site for more information today!
By Tara Mathews

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