Can You Rebuild Collagen in Skin Underneath Eyes?

Published: 01st December 2008
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Your eyes tell the whole story. If they have bags and wrinkles under them then your appearance is drastically affected. As we age, our skin loses it elasticity and firmness because we are not producing as much protein. These proteins are collagen and elastin. In order to rebuild collagen in skin underneath eyes, we need to apply a cream that will stimulate the regeneration of collagen.

Have you wanted to improve the look of your skin under your eyes? Have you tried various underneath the eye countering gels, only to be disappointed at the results? Likely, you are using the wrong products. When you are talking to someone, they are usually looking at your eyes; this is one reason why people spend a fortune on under eye skin care products.

If you follow our tips then you can rebuild collagen in skin underneath eyes. However, you have to use the right products to do this. The skin under your eyes is quite thin, so when our collagen and elastin levels decrease, this is the area that is usually affected before any other area of your skin. Restoring the collagen in your skin is not done by applying collagen or elastin.

It is impossible to apply collagen and elastin to your skin because the molecules of these proteins are too large to be absorbed into your skin. Therefore, if a product states that it contains either of these proteins then it is misleading. Unfortunately, too many people are not aware of this and they end up spending too much money on products that will just not work.

Now to the good part! I have found an under eye contouring gel that actually works. It contains a collagen-boosting ingredient that has been clinically test in New Zealand. The natural substance that is contained in this product was also developed in New Zealand. It is Cynergy TK and it has been proven to stimulate the re-production of elastin and collagen in skin cells.

Let us look at a second natural ingredient used in skin care products to rebuild collagen in skin underneath eyes. This particular substance is called Eyeliss™, this natural substance works quickly to reduce the lines and bags under your eyes.

I go into more detail on my website on the ways to rebuild collagen in skin underneath eyes. The products I use contain some of the best natural ingredients in the world. You do not need to be a Hollywood star to look great!

Tara Mathews is an advocate for using organic skin care products. She hopes to educate people on how to choose the right product to rebuild collagen in skin underneath eyes. Visit our site for more information today!

By Tara Mathews

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